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How To Get Your Screen Width Back

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  • How To Get Your Screen Width Back

    Download and install GreaseMonkey for your browser

    Install this script



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      You can also hit cntrl +, though it enlarges the fonts too. But I believe there is an option to decrease font size...

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    You are a gentleman and a scholar, Mr. Burnside.

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      Truly, a Super Contributor.

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      Is there a firefox addon equivalent?

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    As if it needed to be stated, you are a superior human being.  Thanks for reinforcing my feelings of inadequacy. 


    Originally Posted by Jimmy James: Zippers are like SAT tests. They're geared more for white people and don't reflect black culture, sensibility, complicated hand shakes and Good Times reruns.

    Originally Posted by StringJunky: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with Maalox, Tums, and The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.


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        I prefer to use "screen girth".

        Originally Posted by Crab_Cake

        That said I cannot stand animal cruelty, especially against friends of humanity. These include horses, dogs, chimps, and to a lesser extent dolphins.

        Great band.

        Originally Posted by sonik

        little african girl machete gang victims

        Everybody Hates Miserycast