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  • Leonard Cohen Headed My Way

    Man I'd love to see this guy but I'd need 4 tickets at  $263 a pop if I get the best seats. I didn't mind paying $1000 for four tickets the two times I've seen Tom Petty but I dunno..I didn't think LC would charge this much. I could get 4 tickets for $150 each but I'd be at least 21 rows back..This is gonna need some thought.......Merle Haggard is also playing the same venue and his tickets are reasonable at $71-$82....



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    Leonard Cohen needs the money after being ripped off by a former money manager, I guess. There isn't an artist around that I would spend that much to see.
    Gary Blanchard


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    I paid $130 to see him a few years ago and it was worth it.  I'm hoping to snag tickets to the Lousiville show for my birthday this year.