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My old email doesn't work anymore, please help:o

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  • My old email doesn't work anymore, please help:o

    This is GnR102385, signing in under an alt! If anyone can help me get my old account back, that would be great.

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    Same here. This is DaveGrima. I had like 2000 posts. I registered 7 years ago and I can't remember what my e-mail was back then, and even If I could, I couldnt use it anyway. I called the only number provided for help and got Musician's Friend who had no idea what the **bleep** Harmony Central was. Please Mods help!


    • The Rover
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      Then again, I kinda like my new name.

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    me also please, or at least don't eliminate the old one for a bit. the registered email for here is on a web tv unit i haven't used in years so i need to get it working to get the confirmation email off of it (i don't have a landline anymore). thanks.


    • the scrutinizer
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      help me too.

      This is black blade.
      I've been here since 2001 and my old email is not known.