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So, Who Do Do You Hope Doesn't Come Back?


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  • So, Who Do Do You Hope Doesn't Come Back?

    We may lose some "old timers."  Who do you hope stays lost?

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    Rhino was a CVNT. I hope he stays gone. .png" alt=":smileymad:" title="Smiley Mad" />


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      kudos to tistla 

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    All the filthy deadheads. :catwink:

    "it aint nothin' but a jam"
    -Jimi Hendrix 10-10-68


    • Gary Blanchard
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      tiger roach wrote:
      All the filthy deadheads. :catwink:

      :womansad: :catsad: .png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" /> :robotsad:

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    most of 'em.


    Originally Posted by Prages

    I think everyone in the world has been lonely at some point in their life...and most of them could have probably written a more betterest song about it.

    Originally Posted by tiger roach

    Once my mom told me not to go outside because there was a bird fight going on. I thought, "Bird fight, WTF? She can't really think I would fall for that crap." So I went outside anyway and a bird pecked me on the head.

    Originally Posted by gennation

    Negatory, even dressed as a man I'm more of a man than you.


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      Huh, the "Users Currently Online" list isn't available any more.

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    who are you?


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      I was hoping I wouldn't come back, yet here I am. :catfrustrated:


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        You know, publicly wishing someone gone, especially trolls and other **bleep**, only means they're going to come back just to spite you.

        So in that light, I hope you all stay around.

        Originally Posted by csm

        The first, and most frequently violated rule of punk is: THERE ARE NO RULES.

        "You know, once you've had that guitar up so loud on the stage, where you can lean back and volume will stop you from falling backward, that's a hard drug to kick." — David Gilmour

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          I'm reporting this thread because it has "do do" in the title.  I won't put up with that kind of **bleep** profanity, no sir.