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Do you like this guitar and is it worth $1750?


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  • Do you like this guitar and is it worth $1750?



    2008 Don Grosh ElectraJet Custom EJ-40, (front), (back), (headstock), (cert./specs), (case.).   Super clean and barely played.  This is one extremely cool guitar, refreshingly, not another Strat or Tele clone.  Don Grosh guitars are built with meticulous attention to detail and quality tone woods.  Building under 300 guitars a year Don keeps his quality control higher than nearly every brand made today.  Very versatile - a pair of DiMarzio P90s and alder body are capable of a wide variety of tones, for virtually any type of music.  Its truly original and innovative design combines classic, vintage styling, with a current flair, sort of like a modern day Jazzmaster.  Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods and ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish, it has beautifully complex harmonic clarity and a full acoustic voice.  Extremely well balanced when strapped on, with a superb set up, this guitar is a joy to play.  Unlike the Standard, the custom Electrajets come made to order.  This one was ordered as follows:  alder body finished in authentic gloss black finish, oil-finished maple neck with Indian rosewood fretboard, medium/large roundback neck (.85" X .95"), 1 5/8" nut, 6105 tall/narrow frets, aged vintage dots, 10" radius, Gotoh vintage tremolo, Kluson locking vintage tuners, tortoise pickguard, cream DiMarzio P90 pickups, 3-way switch with center position hum-canceling, and amber speed knobs.  This guitar was collector owned and exhibits zero defects or signs of previous use, although in the right light you can see the typical body seam lines caused after the finish settled in.  For fans of low serial numbers, this one's #40.  With a new one costing $2699, this is a smoking deal on a practically new one, priced nearly $1000 less than new; just $1750.  Includes vintage-style G&G form fit case. 

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    Nice lookin' guitar. I like it but I wouldn't pay

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      Calum wrote:
      Nice lookin' guitar. I like it but I would pay

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    I am a big fan of these guitars.   Love the body shape, sound, playability. 


    That said, this is about my least favorite combination of colors re body, pickguard, pickups and I'd pick a different bridge.

    Worth $1,750?  Yes but in a different config/color.  Like this...





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      I don't like it and to me it's not worth $1750, but it's hard for me to judge what it might be worth to others.


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        $1599 should be the starting price point for this particular guitard.

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      Nice guitar. There are lots of similar guitars for way under $1000.00 so no, it is not worth $1750.00 or anywhere close IMO.

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        nope. not at all :robotsad: