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Will a handheld raygun or blaster ever be invented?

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  • Will a handheld raygun or blaster ever be invented?

    You know the type of thing; shoots a laser type beam that instantly burns a hole through your chest or some sort of blaster weapon that blasts a hole through your chest. Is such a thing concevable with our current knowledge of physics and realistic technology potential? Please show your working.

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    Yeah most likely at some point such a gun (or something similar) will exist.

    Laserweapons already exist, they just need to shrink now.


    • Calum
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      I imagine the problem with is a laser is that they must need a tremendous amount of power that just isn't portable at the moment. Power must be the main limiting factor with a lot of these ray type weapons. Also couldn't you just wear a really shiny suit and reflect a laser?

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    I have a phased plasma rifle in the 20 megawatt range

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    • tiger roach
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      I think they'll be out soon. 

      One thing is for sure, I'm not paying extra for a "stun" setting. If someone is worth shooting with my raygun, they are worth killing. :catdocterevilgesture: