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Who owns a fence?

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  • Yer Blues
    started a topic Who owns a fence?

    Who owns a fence?

    The fence located in my backyard is falling over from one of the post.  It is falling over on my neighbors side towards their house.  It is a pretty easy fix, but they've done nothing for 2-3 weeks.  I'm hoping to go over with a buddy today or tomorrow and screw it back into place.  It happened before and one of my buddies was able to hammer it back in.  When I talked to them they said they didn't know how to fix fences.

    I'm just wondering who is responsible for things like this?  Are these fences co-owned?  The wooden slats are on my side.  One of my neighbors said the previous owner of my house put up the fence, but they also have a fence they surrounds their entire property.


    Just filling in during 2mans absence. 


  • Honkridge

    Fences are traditionally installed with the slats facing away from the owner of the fence.  They are not co-owned. 

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