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Things to do on a Friday when your bored..


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  • Things to do on a Friday when your bored..

    Bored and hopped online at Myyearbook and sent message to random women.Some I have chatted with before some not.I broke up with them with this message.

    I know this is not the most tasteful way of doing this but you do have a violent temper and I didnt want to risk a sald fork in my rib cage.

    I'm breaking up with you.It was a good,not great,6 months.We had our good and our bad times.

    It wasnt you,it was me. I didnt plan on it happening this way but I met another women.In any other situation I think you would really like Tina,that's her name.The two of you would end up as best friends and all.

    Your a swell gal and Im sure you'll meet another fellow soon.Heck gee golly, by the time you finish reading this you will have probably forgotten about me and not even remember me and have moved on.

    Most of the replies where "I have never met you" or "you must have sent the message to the wrong person".Then I reply with this message. Ohh the hilarity the follows..

    Tip..Women dont like to be dumped even If its a person they never met before.

    Oh my this is awkward.Allow me to explain. I have been having problems with my internet connection.After many hours of diagnosis and google troubleshooting I have found out the problem. It's a 1 in a billion thing going on here.My connection is experiencing a quantum parallel fracture connection.Roughly what that means Is my connection jumps through time.

    I know this is hard to believe but I am 8 months in the future. We meet and date. I cant go to deep into the specifics as that would cause a time paradox and could fracture time and I dont even want to think of the time diffusion displacement it will cause.

    OK..Heres what you have to do.You have to completely forget the break up message and just continue with the existing timeline. I repeat you have to NOT!! change the time line. If you and I do not meet and date. I will never break up with you and send the break up message that you then read and reply to and then I reply to with this exact very message. Breaking and changing the time line will result in time "crashing".

    Think of it as your computer crashing on you. Your doing some work.You just were about to finish a letter or something but right then the computer crashs.You reboot but your work you were doing is no longer there.The same thing will happen to time If it crashs. Time will reboot. What does that mean??Hell If I know but it doesnt sound good.

    PS: And another important thing you have to know.Dont for what ever reason dsd@% fsdf .... dsd...ddddddd..................................... ...........................................

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    Correct word usage.


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      i am entertained


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