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Dirt poor and PC has died. What do now?


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  • Dirt poor and PC has died. What do now?

    My 2 year old PC (with Vista) won't switch on.

    I've tried buying a new cable in case that was the problem.  Didn't work.

    The fan was making loud sounds for a couple of weeks prior to it dying.

    I can't afford to buy a new PC, and I really need one for my college work.

    I'm not very tech-savvy....but I have been googling and it seems the most likely problem is the power supply?

    I could scrape together enough $ to buy a new power supply, but I'm a bit nervous about instaling it myself.

    Also what if that's not the problem?  Any advice?

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    PS fan could have died and caused death, or maybe the CPU fan.  Or maybe the motherboard took a ****************.  Burning money on parts when you don't know the problem is a bit silly.  Scrape CL for a cheap replacement IMO.  Make them boot it up and show that's it's working.


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      Go to Radio Shack and get yourself a cheap meter. (under $10)

      Look on youtube and learn how to operate the meter. Every guitar player should have a meter and know how to use it. 


      Look here: and find the pinout of your power supply. 

      Check the voltages. If you have voltages, the power supply is probably working.


      If it is not, check the wattage of the dead supply and its pinout. Get the same pinout and = or greater wattage power supply. Ebay would be your best bet but buyer beware.