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  • Help with research into Musical Robots

    Hello All

    Just quickly, please keep reading, this is genuine, interesting, academic research, no spam or scams here.

    I am currently conducting a short survey as part of wider research into using regular musical activity to improve Human-Robot Companionship at Queen Mary, University of London.

    For this, we aim to build a picture of the affective relationships musicians have with other musicians. More details of my research interests are available at

    The survey should take 5-10 minutes and all participants who complete will be entered for a prize draw to win

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    I would love to see Fanuvbrak's survey answers.


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      Interesting survey. My musical friends/collaborators have all the same aspects of my personal friends, just not as personal or close. I usually spend a lot of time making sure I can get along with someone and having some shared interests before getting in a band with them. But I have closer bonds with my regular friends of course.


      • Jimmy James
        Jimmy James commented
        Editing a comment

        All my friends/relationships are completely segregated.  Music for fun, music for business, musician friends, non-musician friends, very old friends, friends within the last ten years, etc.  

        They represent various facets of my life and personality.  When these groups come together it's chaos.  I keep them separate.  They all have time limits where I must get away from them at some point or they will become annoying.  None of these groups truly falls in line with my wide taste in music so therefore I'm a solo artist.