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So I've Been Watching Hercules Movies


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  • So I've Been Watching Hercules Movies

    Ok, so like he saves the town and releases the slaves, but he never wants to wear a shirt.  This guy gave him a robe to put on but we was like, "I will not wear a mask."  

    Hercules likes to show what he's got but doesn't do it in a vain way.  You can criticize, but he's changing lives daily.  Which is more than I can say for you guys.  

    It could be worse.  What if he didn't want to cover up, but he had a **bleep** up anemic body?  So it's all good.

    Yer Blues wrote:I am from the Beavis and Butthead generation.

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    Speak for yourself, Kid Jammity. Some of us do change lives daily, and do so without ever murdering our own children.


    • Jimmy James
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      Buying golf courses daily is not changing lives, wine taster.

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    Tarzan could kick his **bleep**

    I liked you better as your previous alt. Now you're just a giant walking vagina filled with sand and yeast.


    • DdBob
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      A customer brought his new/used Dodge dakota in yesterday to get it looked over. He had concerns with a clunking /rattle noise and just wanted a general checkover. We found he needed a new battery, changed the oil and found the clunk to be a bad front swaybar link. 


      When he picked it up he was ecstatic and said "now I can go visit my dad in Colorado and not have to worry"!



      we changed a life that day jimmy.....we changed a life!