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    Ok.   Had a looong discussion about Steel Cut vs. Rolled Oats this morning.  Apparently its a English vs. Scotch/Irish thing.


    Do you pay hommage to the Queens's groats?

    I liked you better as your previous alt. Now you're just a giant walking vagina filled with sand and yeast.

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    Steel cut = better toan.

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    • Help!I'maRock!
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      i like steel cut when i have the time to make them. usually on a Sunday when i don't have to work. otherwise i make regular rolled oats with a little bit of maple syrup. 

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    I dunno what I've got. Rolled oats I think.

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    • DdBob
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      steel cut all the way infact I won't even touch rolled anymore. I like Bob's Redmill and McCanns

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    McCann's is gluten-free, I think, so I pretty much always get those.  For a long time, my supermarket only carried their steel-cut, so that's what I continue to get out of habit.  I sometimes get Bob's Red Mill GF rolled oats to make granola, tho.

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    • joshmac
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      Almost every day:
      Oats + Cinnamon + Sweet (Honey, Syrup, or Brown Sugar). Cook in pot on stove, towards the end cook on low heat and add berries. Adding apple slices near the start of your process makes for some tasty oatmeal too.


      Also, add peanut butter



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    I had no idea that such a thing as steel cut oats existed even though I eat oatmeal almost daily for breakfast. It

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