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Tell me your favorite drink and I'll make sweeping generalizations about you


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  • Vintage motorcycle mechanic. You prefer to work on Nortons and Triumphs but end up wrenching on lots of Hondas to make ends meet. The grease under your fingernails extends all the way to the cuticle. You're into a lot of bop jazz and Jack Kerouac books. You smoke a lot and you get pissed off at Harley guys and crotch rocketers because they "just don't get it, man."

    Wow, it is like you looked right into my soul.
    Gary Blanchard


    • thread is incredible
      Jameson on ice


      • Orphan tears.

        You're a teacher who would hurt the children any way you could. You pour your derision upon everything they did, exposing every weakness howerver careful hid by the kid. You go home at night and your fat psychopathic wife thrashes you whithin inches of your life.

        You wear a monacle and your head is kinda shaped like a claw hammer.


        • I'll play. Bourbon (not JD) with a Schweppes chaser.

          Spicy foods nut. You can list, from memory, the different flavors of hot wings available at dozens of local bars, you know how many scoville points a scotch bonnet pepper gets with (and without) the seeds, and you have built a shelving unit for the sole purpose of displaying bottles of hot sauce that you have no intention of opening.

          When you go to the Thai Restaraunt, and they ask how spicy you would like your meal, you say "Make it as spicy as you would make it for yourself, and then make it spicier."


          • You're the guy that everybody can go to with their home entertainment questions. You know all the pros and cons of LCD vs. Plasma, the details of all the different versions of surround sound, and you know what HDMI stands for. Your personal setup is a little less than impressive tho because you blew your savings early on when the HDTV revolution started. Now people are buying things that are far cooler for far less money, and you resent them for it.

            Originally Posted by Jimmy James

            Dolls are almost always much larger than figurines and action figures and will often come with clothing that can be removed almost completely. They should also possess a certain amount of posability.

            Dolls will often have removable clothing, down to the figures "skin" and will possibly have other interchangeable outfits that can be purchased separately.

            Dolls may be smaller than 12 inches, but as long as they still have clothing that can be completely removed.


            • Did we do vodka and cranberry? I can't be bothered to sort through 26 pages to find out.

              We did. You have a remarkable resistance to urninary tract infections. You also enjoy yogurt and green tea.


              • Chai Tea.

                We've also done this one. Something about hacky sack, and freeing your mind, IIRC.


                • Did we do my drink of choice

                  Captain and coke?
                  southern comfort and mountain dew
                  “Among God's creatures two, the dog and the guitar, have taken all the sizes and all the shapes, in order not be separated from the man”

                  “I'm just as sick as the others, although I prefer to do my sickness in private.”

                  Mick Mars

                  Xaveier XV-500
                  Schecter Omen 6
                  Aria Pro II Stray Cat
                  Morley Bad Horsie Wah
                  Digitech RP150
                  Line 6 Spider 15

                  SCHECTER SOCIETY




                    • Franziskaner


                      • Lagavuilin, with a few drops of water.

                        You're a crooner. You long for the days when a guy with a silky smooth baritone could book the big rooms, when "try the veal" actually meant something. When you could call broads "skirts" without them getting all up tight, baby. Sure, the guy playing 2nd trumpet in your backing band has a PhD in music theory, but you've got an 8th grade education, a little over one octave of range, and a lot of street smarts. If he doesn't want to swing the bridge when you tell him to, he'll never work in this town again, get it?!


                        • OK - gotta go do some work. I'll try to do some more tomorrow.


                          • this is my favorite 2manband thread


                            • We've also done this one. Something about hacky sack, and freeing your mind, IIRC.

                              That was Thai tea


                              • this is my favorite 2manband thread

                                Originally Posted by Jimmy James

                                Dmn23 is the douche around here.

                                Originally Posted by Uma Floresta

                                dmn23 has wisdom.

                                Originally Posted by surfsteve

                                dmn23 is a GREAT AMERICAN. WTF is wrong with you ********************************s ?

                                Originally Posted by Flogger59

                                You, sir, are a man of impeccable taste and discernment