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Tell me your favorite drink and I'll make sweeping generalizations about you


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  • Mainly beer. Honey Brown, Yuengling Black & Tan, most wheat beers. I also enjoy the occasional Tanqueray & Tonic and 7 & 7 (Seagrams 7 and 7Up)

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    VVT Regulator & DIY Thiele 1x12 /w EV12L
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    Mesa Rectifier 2x12
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    • Sake

      You love Bennihanna. You still go "OOOOOOoooooo" when the guy makes a volcano out of an onion and some oil. You probably have a useless privacy screen with bamboo printed on it somewhere in your house. You can name all of Bruce Lee's movies in the order that they were filmed.


      • You're into anything related to medeval times. You wanted your parents to send you to jousting lessons when you were a teenager, but they wanted you to learn the violin instead. That was suitably medeval so you did, but you still wish you were a really good sword fighter. Lord of the Rings blew your mind, man. Your favorite food is whole turkey leg with grog.

        My favourite non-alcoholic drink is tea, of course
        Shotgun Royale


        • SoCoDiCo

          (That's Southern Comfort and Diet Coke)

          BTW, you oughta put all these together and make it into a book.

          I smell a best seller.

          You are confused - you're awash in indecision. Part of you wants to be a Skynard playin, pickup drivin, rebel who drinks bud pounders, catches catfish barehanded and has a friend named bubba. The other part enjoys Wendy's chicken salads, is a member of Rails to Trails, and tracks his mutual funds. Eventually the inner tormoil will cause you to go completely schizo.


          • Beer. Preferably hoppy. If not hoppy then dark.
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            Peavey Max100, USA Big Muff, Boss TU2

            it would rule to login, get some coffee, look at what's scheduled for the day then sip coffee and look at boobs for awihle - corpo


            • You are a fan of 1950's Americana. You have a greasy slicked hairdo and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of your tight fitting plain white T-shirt. You fancy yourself a bit of a James Dean, but the girl's don't share that assessment. You are a good driver and can wrench on a car with the best of 'em. The only sneakers you will ever buy are Chuck Taylors.

              Hilarious, even though pretty far off. No slicked hairdo, no cigarettes, had to hit Google to find out about James Dean, and the most I've ever done is change the oil.

              Great idea for a thread, btw. Really funny.


              • What kind of Sheik drinks scotch? Does it come with a twist of blasphemy - maybe over some ice cubes of eternal condemnation. Well, on the bright side, let's just be glad that you've loosened up a bit - I'd say the chances of you being a suicide bomber are pretty slim. After you factor in the drinking, you'd probably only get like 12 virgins - and that's hardly even worth blowing yourself up for, isn't it.


                • a good hoppy IPA (or double IPA, even), the hoppier the better

                  You're a hippy. A dirty dirty hippy. You claim to be all for peace and love, but really, you just want to freeload and drink your hoppy hippy beer. Your dad was a marine and kinda overbearing. You rebelled as a teenager, but now you're about 28 and realizing that you should have taken his advice about going to college.


                  • Don't drink now but it used to be bourbon with beer chaser. Jim Beam (usually on the rocks, sometimes straight or chilled) and MGD.

                    I'm going to lump you in with the George Thorogood "One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer" response from earlier.


                    • Tonic with a twist.
                      "Born to Play" MP3 album at iTunes & Amazon.


                      • the fermented orange juice i found under my bed.

                        You're still adjusting to your new life in prison. The calls of "new fish" have subsided, but you're getting sick of giving your saltine crackers to the physically imposing man in the cafeteria. Nobody has talked to you yet, although your cellmate occasionally hisses in your general direction. So far nothing really bad has happened, but you feel kinda uneasy, about the whole thing. You miss your cousin and your baby's momma, but you're determined not to let them see you cry.


                        • Your library smells of fine mahogony. You have a scotty dog who wears a sweater and monacle. You smoke a pipe in your smoking jacket. You live somewhere cold and rainy. You've named your home something like "Chesterfieldshireford Estates" or "Manorton Manorham".

                          Damnit, how come I couldn't get this assessment.


                          • Guinness Draught or Boddington's w/ some quality gouda sans crackers.

                            Look, I didn't mind doing guiness twice. We now know that Guinness = Soccer hooligan, and I can't expect you soccer hooligans to have a really great memory. But seriously, this it the third time now, and I'm running out of ways to say that you like to drink and fight.


                            • Southern Comfort Manhattan Sweet. When in Mexico if it's in season, a Cocoa Loco.

                              You have a rent controlled place in a fairly nice part of NYC. You often have friends over to drink on the roof and you play some tunes up there. The neighbor's don't mind because they're usually invited. Problem is that you have a lot of stress at work, and last week you had a little "twinge" in your chest that you're still debating going to the doctor about. You probably won't, and the next one will probably be a massive deadly heart attack. Your friends will miss you, but they will fight each other tooth and nail to get that apartment.


                              • Wild Turkey on the rocks