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Something Wild vs. Wild At Heart


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  • Something Wild vs. Wild At Heart

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    I got roped into seeing Something Wild when it first came out; that was a strange movie. It started out as a screwball comedy and then turned dark. I was not impressed. I have never seen Wild at Heart.

    Gary Blanchard


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      I really liked Something Wild. I can't remember what I thought about Wild At Heart. I've got a feeling I thought it was a bit shit.

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    Something Wild.


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      Wild at Heart is one of my least favorite Lynch films

      I just like the Nicolas Cage scene, crooning with the metal band as backup and the girls screaming. And Dafoe was pretty cool.


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        I've seen both movies exactly once.

        I saw Wild at Heart right after it won the top prize at Cannes, and I was like -- and I was a big David Lynch fan at the time.

        Something Wild was the first time I ever saw Ray Liotta. I'll never forget that ****************stain of a character he played. For years, every time I saw him in a movie, I couldn't shake that Something Wild character.

        I probably prefer Something Wild, partly because Melanie Griffith was in her prime, and partly because it's one of the best "fish out of water" movies I've seen.

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