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  • Someone explain Google Ads...

    and provide a link.

    I've only briefly heard about them, and I've looked on their site and found AdWords and AdSense. But, it doesn't sound like the "google ads" I heard about.

    I've been getting almost 2000 hits a month at my lesson site, and I want to make some money for it (albeit, just a little if anything, but something), without charging the users.

    Does anyone here use them on their site? What's the concept behind them and where's the info?
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    AdSense is it. You agree to post some code to your web pages, and Google fills in those spots. The ads are determined by the content of your page. When somebody clicks on that ad, you get money into your account. The amount of money is determined by how much somebody is willing to pay per click and how much total money they're willing to spend on the advertising. Simple idea, but some neat twists.

    So, yeah. People visit your website, maybe click on an ad, an you make a few cents. Enjoy.
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      As far as I understand, Google ads work in the fashion that ads are determined by keywords on the webpages. So, a page about music theory would probably yield alot of ads for different music sites.
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        To create a truely successful campaign, you absolutely must include negative keywords.

        For instance, say you're a software development company. You do NOT want to pay for clicks from users looking for hardware. So in your negative keywords, include many, many, many words, such as: hardware, motherboard, RAM etc...

        AdWords works fairly well, but you'll likely need to tweak each campaign for a while before you start seeing results.
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          Mentioning your stripper show might attract some interesting advertising.

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