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Sand Hook school shootings conspiracy theories..WTF

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  • Sand Hook school shootings conspiracy theories..WTF

    So here I am checking my e-mail and before I delete spam I always check just incase something got put there that shouldnt.I see this title."Sandy Hook shooting didnt happen". SoI read it and thought what a crock of s h i t.

    So I google Sandy hook conspiracy and find that there people who actually belive it was staged and was fake. What the f u c k is wrong with people.


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    Heres spam I got.


    Excerpt from Muad'Dib's January 7th, 2013 Critical Mass Radio interview:

    ...They used a poster child for this to get everybody's sympathy and to get everybody's emotions up so that they could hopefully bring in a gun ban. They used a little poster child, a little blonde-haired blue-eyed six year old girl. She was the face, the poster child. She was supposedly killed along with the other 19 six year olds and seven year olds at Sandy Hook. Three days later Obama was there doing a photo op and she's sitting on his knee. She's supposed to be dead, used as a poster child, this little girl died - she's sitting on Obama's knee three days later. The same little girl.

    And then they have her parents interviewed. It shows that they're all actors. It never really happened, because the guy that was supposedly her dad, is shown in the video where he's to the side and he's laughing and joking with other people and then he's called up in front of the camera. He's off to the left. Then he's called to the center, to the focus of the camera to be interviewed and to give his speech about Sandy Hook and about his daughter. And he goes from on the side from laughing and joking with everybody, he comes up to the center and ... he takes the joking, smiling face off and you can see him physically trying to force his face to look sad and then he starts talking about how his daughter's been killed. They're actors. There were no bodies.

    It was a made for TV drama to try to ram through the gun control laws, because they want to kill the American people and they can't kill armed people. That's why Hitler disarmed the Germans, it's why Stalin disarmed the Russians, it's why chairman Mao disarmed the Chinese and they killed between them something like 120 million of their own people. And that's what they want to do in America and they can't do it because the people have the Second Amendment and they have guns. So they have to do all of this, and they'll keep doing it. There will be more incidents like this, which are made for television, until they manage to persuade the American people to give up their guns. And then they'll start killing the Americans. Because the Americans are the only people stopping them from doing what they want to do already. They know they can't put their next phase, which is reducing the world's population, they can't put that phase into operation whilst the Americans have got millions of guns.


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      Conspiracy theorists are dull as **************** and sometimes loathsome.

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    Oh so everybody believes in the massacre just because the TV echo chamber said it happened?

    Reminds me of the folks who believe we landed on the moon just because of a couple of grainy photos. Or the people who think the earth is round just because some moldy old science textbook said so.

    Sheeple! Sheeple! Baaaaa! Baaaaaa!


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      Dyin' is the best part of livin'.


      That's a few less kids for...


      "mmmyeah, i'm not goin' there"


      mmmkay, no lika da gif? well copy paste for the media hyperbole.

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