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  • Where is The Onion when you need it?

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    Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

    -Coco Chanel

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    **************** Paul Ryan in his mother****************ing face.
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    • Gary Blanchard
      Gary Blanchard commented
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      Stop the presses. A politician made snide remarks about an opponent. Film at 11!

    • StratoSlacker
      StratoSlacker commented
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      i tried to post a goofy pic of him but this forum is ****************ed and the link wouldn't load.


      what micwalt said.  

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    I don't like Paul Ryan. I also don't understand what the issue is with his comments. He just made more sense in the David Gregory interview than he did the whole time on the campaign trail...


    • unclefred
      unclefred commented
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      Ryan took it easy on the bum. Anyone not in a coma realizes the ozomba failures in his multi-trillion spending habit. He's even worse than the GOP.

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    How about Republicans stop funding over-seas missions to attack brown people, and we all stop dumping treasure into Cold War era defensive postures that leaves our rich allies able to skimp on military spending.

    Then we can talk about disconnecting the sick and the old from the social network, and defunding Monsanto's family farms.

    Unfortunately, Paul Ryan is our future president.


    • Flamencology
      Flamencology commented
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      Ryan's forthcoming budget could very well make him unelectable in 2016. Assuming that the GOP doesn't split in two by then, anyway.