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Do you like this guitar and is it worth $729?


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  • Do you like this guitar and is it worth $729?

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    Phantom USA MK VI, (front), (headstock), (back), (case).  Phantom Guitar Works builds excellent replicas of the old Vox guitars from the 60's.  This model is a reissue of the famed Vox MK VI, originally made in England, Italy, and USA, at various times, and a few models such as the Custom 24 and 25, and White Shadow, were made in Japan in the late 80's.  The original model earned notoriety as a primary axe of Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones and a little known fact, also used by Drake Levin of "Paul Revere and the Raiders" on their daily TV show, "Where the Action Is".  Every day after school I'd love watching the Raiders, not for the crazy antics or funny costumes, but to drool over the entire line of Vox gear that the manufacturer kept them supplied with.  From what I've read, Phantom got their start after buying up a large quantity, all the remaining stock, of vintage Eko/Vox parts.  There's not a lot of info about the company on their web site so I don't know how much, if any, of these guitars are NOS Vox parts but the bottom line is they're very good copies.  I had around a half a dozen of the USA Vox's  when they suddenly reappeared around 1998.  This Phantom compares very favorably with those recent Vox's in all regards and I actually like the tone a bit better.  The three single coil pickups have a character of their own.  Not at all Stratty, with more warmth and fatness.  Oddly enough, the owner of the Vox name can no longer call their models Phantom or Teardrop, as those names are owned by Phantom Guitar Works.  Anyhow, this is a very well made guitar with excellent tone and a wonderful setup, and a distinct vibe.  No hollowbody has the vibe of a Gretsch; no solidbody has the vibe of a Vox.  Phantom only sells direct to the public and with the case (must be purchased with every guitar), it sells for $950 new.   This one's in dead mint condition, plays great, sounds great, and is possibly the coolest 60s vibe you can get for $729. Includes Phantom case, polishing cloth, and plastic case, keys, and wrenches.  

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    While I wouldn't play one, I do love those old Vox guitars. I much prefer the teardrop, though. I'd say the price is nice.

    Gary Blanchard


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      No, maybe.


      • Good Clean Fun
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        Yes and yes. I had a PGW twelve-string teardrop. It was a wonderful guitar. I would have used it constantly if it wasn't a 12 string...because 12 strings are a pain in the ass.

        Also, if you do a lot of noodling/practicing while sitting, phantom-style and teardrop-style guitars are kind of awkward.

      • jackamo
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        I like it okay, but it would certainly be a splurge and not a necessity...$729, maybe.., do it come with HSC?  If not, I'm probably not a buyer at that price for now.

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