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    Apparently, the top U.S. sniper and his friend were killed at a gun range in Texas. 

    What a tragedy.

    It seems like the sniper and his friend were trying to help another friend get through PTSD. 

    My question, which is hopefully not terribly insensitive, has to do with therapy.

    Perhaps Gary Blanchard or someone else on the board with experience in such matters can weigh in.

    Is it a good idea to take a guy messed up from war to a shooting range? 

    It seems like perhaps the exact opposite of what the guy might have needed, stresswise. 

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    It's not really a great idea to expose anyone who's a potential risk to themselves or others to firearms.

    As for PTSD in particular... if guns and/or gunfire are triggers, then they should be avoided as much as possible until effective coping strategies have been adopted.

    There have been successes in using virtual reality simulations of war to treat veterans suffering from PTSD, but those simulations consist entirely of "being there", and violence is disabled.


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      But some combination of cognitive therapy and medication is the classic treatment.