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So, dumb question about 911 and phones


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  • So, dumb question about 911 and phones

    Short and sweet...  I have an old Motorola Startac phone that I haven't used in get this - at least 10 years.  I've not paid any bills, so far as I know it's a brick.  I pulled it out of storage, it charged, and just for ****************s I dialed 911 and I got a respondant.  I apologized quickly and hung up.

    Who is paying for this service and how am I getting it?  I was thinking of going to Vonage or the like which I think do not have 911 service or there is some limitation, but the old dead phone says I have it there.  It was an Alltel phone originally and I think Verizon bought the network.

    I know I shouldn't have called, but I never expected to hear a peep.

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