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Why is illegal busking in many places?


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  • Why is illegal busking in many places?

    Why can't those hippies get a job?

    Originally Posted by Notes_Norton

    I'm sorry for the rant, but death threats, hate mail, and hundreds of pizzas not picked up really irks me.

    Originally Posted by Mossy Moss

    I liked you better as your previous alt. Now you're just a giant walking vagina filled with sand and yeast.

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    Better question;

    Why is busking illegal in many places?


    • bjcarl
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      It's not illegal anywhere in the US.

    • DdBob
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      falseknight wrote:
      Better question;

      Why is busking illegal in many places?

      personally I think the OP is the better question of the two

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    Has anybody here ever busked?  What was your experience like?  Did you do it before you could get paying gigs or while you still had paying gigs?


    • Honkridge
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      I done busking in New Orleans. We had a few hours to kill before our gig and I just ran an extention cord from my hotel room (on Bourbon St) and a small amp and stage monitor. My lead singer and I did about an hour or two of songs. Fun! and we made a few bucks.

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    I've done busking the day of a show with a bunch of flyers as a promo thing. If you're in a place where people have their wallets out (we do the farmers market more than anything else), and you have a really good show to put on, you can move a few CDs and start to see some decent money for an hour's work.
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    Originally Posted by gennation

    Neither of us is gay or anything, it just happened.


    • Mav64
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      Not aware of too many places where it's illegal although most places require you to get a license or something. Which is equally ridiculous imo and so therefore it may as well be illegal. Bureaucrats gots to make a buck too...