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I'm pretty darned blessed.


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  • I'm pretty darned blessed.

    After nearly a year out of work I took a job near my house at the end of december driving a wheelchair van for an ambulance company. At this station we have 10 ambulances and 4 wheelchair vans. No special skills or training needed to drive the vans, just a clean driving record. Of course the dispatchers and ambulance EMT guys look down on the van drivers. Well, Monday I accepted the position of Station Manager. The owner asked me in the driver interview if I'd be interested in a management position down the road but I had no idea they needed a station manager until after being hired. There are of course a couple of guys unhappy about a non EMT being hired as Station Manager, but they don't know that I have 25 years experience as a manager at this point. I've been working the 330 am to noon shift so I haven't really gotten to know many people yet, but that's about to change. Anyway, I'm psyched to get started on Monday after they find someone to take my shift.
    I one day hope to be the man my dog thinks I am.WORDS OF WISDOM FROM VARIOUS MEMBERS"most often the guitar will rise or fall to the level of the player""people overthink ****************""Sometimes you gotta know when to shut the **************** up and have a little class. Not you, you're special.""If it sounds good to you then it sounds good"The bull**************** and myths in the guitar world are stacked very high.

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    There's nothing to see here.Move along.


    • Gary Blanchard
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      Congratulations. Once people see your abilities things will settle down quickly.

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    Awesome & congrats!


    • Calum
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      Briliant news mate, well done.

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    Good on ya, Lonnie.


    It is not what you play, but THAT you play.


    • Lonnie99
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      Well it's been an exciting few days. Started the new position Tuesday, had to fire a young lady yesterday, and will probably be firing a guy tomorrow. They both went out of their way to earn it so I don't feel too bad but still. So short handed today that the CEO and I are both out on vehicles because others didn't want to pick up shifts. I better not hear complaints about not getting hours........ At least I was introduced Tuesday night at a staff meeting and that was positive. My youngest daughter has her state rhythmic gymnastics competition this weekend so there's that to look forward to. She's the current state champion in her level.