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Just to annoy the Fusion haters

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  • Just to annoy the Fusion haters

    Yer Blues wrote:I am from the Beavis and Butthead generation.

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    Mission accomplished.


    • Good Clean Fun
      Good Clean Fun commented
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      HBC = hot buttered crap?

    • fanuvbrak
      fanuvbrak commented
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      Flamencology wrote:
      Mission accomplished.

      I came in here to type this exact thing.

      .png" alt=":smileymad:" title="Smiley Mad" />

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    Fusion isn't that annoying. It's almost like rock, but difficult.

    Try posting some freejazz, that's really annoying.


    Ok, I will tell you.


    • Flamencology
      Flamencology commented
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      Everyone loves good free jazz. But guys who think they can play free jazz without being able to play jazz are a lot like guys who can't fly a single-engine Beechcraft but figure they can handle an F22.

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    You're both wrong!


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      Fusion at it's best is the greatest **************** ever. It has all the attitude, passion and intensity of great rock music, combined with all the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic toys that bebop gave us mixed up by master musicians who have dedicated their lives to the clearest path to communicating this difficult and challenging kind of music.


      The problem usually lies in those who have not cleared a pathway of understanding. Mostly cuz their lazy.


      Take flamencology for example. He gets it. And doesn't like it. Not lazy.  But the rest of you who get your jollies from name checking Fred "Sonic" Smith usually spend more time worrying about what people wear than what they play. Lazy.

      "Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work" - Gustave Flaubert


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        And How about some post fusion. This'll REALLY piss you culture warriors off....Go on listen. It's good for ya. It'll make you smarter.


        "Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work" - Gustave Flaubert


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          Jimmy James wrote:

          Officers Palzewicz and DeJohnette pose with recent arrestee, the notorious Butte Flasher.

          Fast, clean and cheap.