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This New Band I Know About That You're Not Cool Enough To Know About Yet


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  • This New Band I Know About That You're Not Cool Enough To Know About Yet

    This is my thread about it.

    You don't know about them, but I do because I'm a hipster and know about stuff.  You might learn about it later, but by then it won't be cool anymore.  

    Your resposes are dumb.  I feel superior.

    Whatever hipster band you like, I knew about them before you, and own their early demos which you don't have.  I was there.

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    Originally Posted by Crab_Cake

    That said I cannot stand animal cruelty, especially against friends of humanity. These include horses, dogs, chimps, and to a lesser extent dolphins.

    Great band.

    Originally Posted by sonik

    little african girl machete gang victims

    Everybody Hates Miserycast


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        --crickets chirping--

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        Good Clean Fun wrote:

        Colleen Green covering Screaching Weasel? You are getting spoiled.




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      I'm pretty sure the internet, or at least ubiquitous social media, made this particular snark irrelevant.
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        When are the cute lesbians getting here?