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  • Fish Sauce

    Nasty or necessary?


    Composition of garum

    What is called liquamen is thus made: the intestines of fish are thrown into a vessel, and are salted; and small fish, especially atherinae, or small mullets, or maenae, or lycostomi, or any small fish, are all salted in the same manner; and they are seasoned in the sun, and frequently turned; and when they have been seasoned in the heat, the garum is thus taken from them. A small basket of close texture is laid in the vessel filled with the small fish already mentioned, and the garum will flow into the basket; and they take up what has been percolated through the basket, which is called liquamen; and the remainder of the feculence is made into allec.


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    Dob't know anything about Garum, but if it's like Nam Pla, count me in. Thai fish sauce is essential in Thai cooking

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      Garum was apparently an anicent Greek fish sauce.


      I vote necessary.  It's not right for everything, but some dishes you just cannot pull off without fish sauce.