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B3/Organ players - part 2


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  • B3/Organ players - part 2

    Do you futz with the drawbars while you are playing? Or do you just get a sound that works for the song and leave it be?

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    Generally I set my drawbars where I want them and leave them alone. I've seen videos where guys manipulate their drawbars while playing, but these are pro "monster" organ players. The tricky part with adjusting your drawbars is that it makes a big difference in your percieved loudness and how you "cut through the band mix". Doesn't take too much tweaking of the drawbars to make your sound very low and dark or bright and shrill. 

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      I use different favorite settings for the drawbars
      they're like different instruments, I couldn't imagine just using one setting, unless you're the organist for a ballgame

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    I might tweak a little bit from verse to verse, maybe.

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