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Dad Rock Record Review - George Harrison Live in Japan


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  • Dad Rock Record Review - George Harrison Live in Japan

    I got this last week from Amazon. I have always loved George's music; All Things Must Pass and Living in the Material World are two of my favorite albums. I find, however, that they feel over-produced now. In reading a bio of George, Behind Sad Eyes, I learned about this tour and recording. This has now become my favorite album.

    Rather than the huge band that George favored in the early 70's, this tour was done with Eric Clapton and his band. Horn sections are replaced my synth, giving it a sound that is, to my ears, less harsh. The song selection is fantastic:

    Disc one

    1. "I Want to Tell You"
    Gary Blanchard

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    That sounds like a good record. I like George's stuff, too.

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    • Gary Blanchard
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      Since live performances by George were rare, it was great to hear how good he was live. Concert for Bangladesh was nice, but these performances seem more settled. It was really great to hear the live version of Piggies, complete with harpsichord (synth, most likely) and a verse that was not included on the White Album. Taxman has always been a favorite as well.

      Sadly, George was too paranoid (perhaps for good reason) to tour the US then.