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What's the best way to secure my wireless?

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  • What's the best way to secure my wireless?

    I just bought a Nexus 4 via the Google Play store (killer deal at $299 for a hot phone if anyone is looking, and just got my T-Mobile sim card today. Going to do their no contract, $30 month "unlimited web" package (100 mins voice, unlimited text/web, also if anyone is looking,

    Just dropped in the sim card to do the phone setup and got the wireless going (this is my first wireless device so the first time I've switched on wireless in the router).

    I have the following security/encryption options:

    • WEP
    • Advanced (WPA/WPA2, 802.1x)

    I currently have WEP turned on (64 bit) and I'm getting wireless through the phone so all is good connection wise.  I'm just wondering is WEP good enough?  Should I use the other option?  What does it give me WEP doesn't?  Can I secure my wireless better?

    I do notice that with WEP selected, it says MAC Authentication is disabled.  Should I care about that?


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    WPA is much more secure than WEP. WEP uses a 10 bit code and a static key, so it can be cracked pretty easily. WPA uses a rotating shared key and a passphrase, so it is much harder to crack.

    Probably the best way to secure your wireless is to go with a WPA setup AND turn off SSID broadcasting. This is what your router sends out, and what others see if there network 'join wifi' interface. If you turn off broadcasting, no one can even see you have a network , let alone join it. Sure, it is possible, but the average person certainly can't tell you have a wifi, let alone hack into it.


    MAC authentication basically allows your router to specify what devices can connect to your network. 

    All of these can be cracked, but unless the NSA moved in next door and really want to hack into your computer, WPA is probably enough. SSID broadcast off and WPA would stop any casual hackers from getting in to your network, and make your network invisible to outsiders. 



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      I've switched to WPA and turned off SSID broadcasting, but how do I connect my phone's wi-fi? Since I'm not broadcasting, I don't see a network to join?

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