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    up in this B.

    Originally Posted by CharvelFan, Stackabones, Mercer, jamesp, jelloman and Sad Navigator

    Sutto is the man!, I look forward to Sutto's future work., Sutto. . . you're awesome, Sutto is correct., I think Sutto's right again, Sutto speaks the truth...I'mma do something crazy and agree with Sutto.

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    Almost as bad as Jindal.

    Nobody looks good doing those responses, I don't know why they bother.

    (Jammity thought it was brilliant and is now calling for an immediate 87% deficit reduction)


    • Honkridge
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      Indeed. If you are a Presidential hopeful you should be smart enough to avoid the SOTU rebut at any cost. No matter how good it is you always come off as a whiner.

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    Forming a rebuttal weeks in advance of the speech is cheesy. There isn't even the faintest pretext of "lets hear the guy out."


    • Philphine
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      talking out of both sides of your mouth will do that to you.

      the op you tube could be the same one (i can't see it), but on another forum there's a vid of him mentioning living in the same working class neighborhood he grew up in, then they show a big house he has for sale right now that he brought in the mid 2000's.