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Why do YOU hate Carlos Cavazo?

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  • Why do YOU hate Carlos Cavazo?

    Because he was in Quiet Riot, that's why...remember?

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    Hint for online the example in it's entirety, THEN talk about it for 5 minutes.

    The only good liberal is a...well, we're still trying to figure out the answer to that one.

    Uma is a motorik.

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    Reading an interview with him in "Guitar Player" after seeing Quiet Riot supporting Judas Priest persuaded me to buy "Artful Arpeggios" I can't hate him. That's still one of my favourite method books.

    Originally Posted by Jimmy James

    You're the British SAS of Metal.

    Originally Posted by Phlat Phive

    You're a man of refined taste and strong opinions.

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    Mosiddiqi is a prick, btw.

    Some Tunes:


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      People forget how big and popular they were when they burst on the scene.  Let's all act like hipsters who are board by stuff they never even participated in.

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    I've played with his brother Tony off and on for years.  They are sweet peoples.


    Originally Posted by Jimmy James: Zippers are like SAT tests. They're geared more for white people and don't reflect black culture, sensibility, complicated hand shakes and Good Times reruns.

    Originally Posted by StringJunky: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with Maalox, Tums, and The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.