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The Super Happy Funtime Burlesque's NEVER...EVER....SAFE...FOR....WORK...EVER....NEVER


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  • The Super Happy Funtime Burlesque's NEVER...EVER....SAFE...FOR....WORK...EVER....NEVER

    There have always been extremes to The Super Happy Funtime Burlesque's ALWAYS...NEVER...EVER....SAFE...FOR....WORK...EVER ....NEVER)


    But...Holy ****************in ****************,,,this is what we do,..and we are coming to a town near you (since you don't go anywhere, the Internet is close enough for you unfortunate types)

    You've seen the awesome on stage display of musical finese and performance finese...


    Then's we've have gone to extremes to bring a chromatic circus debauchery to it's knees with noise induce sexual girl on girl brain tease...



    And then we did a movie which has been a huge sucess, right? Yep...while I personally have only been to the local showing/premier...there have been 100's of shows and millions of viewers around the world at this point...

    And we never...ever...**************** around...even when we second guess ourselves...because you only live once...and history will show us that we've all lived longer than Amy Whinehouse...


    And of course we've found Jesus in the ass of a stripper (these pics got pulled before so I won't post them) telling us that the ass is an outdoor, not an indoor, not that any of you guys got it of course, you all never comprehended the idea of a black tie fist **************** party and jesus telling people they had to shoot themselves out of the ass to get home...of course Dorthy says there's no place like home and could get you off to Kansas and you think that's a milestone in history.

    So, then we send the world wide message about what should be sacred, but nothing is EVER sacred...ever ****************ing sacred...sacred, ever ****************ing..."ever sacred ****************ing" (as fanuvafakewifeandkids would say) and we make sure of that for the world to see...


    We don't want to to refuse to let TSHFBS get your Cans we are doing our own "music" videos...yep...we need a new NSFW meme,,,because the old NSFW meme doesn't quite warn what TSHFBS is up too...


    so it shall be SHFTNSFW...because not just your pussy NSFW...

    Yep, we go deeper...we might eat you alove(for those hopped up on spelling) just to scrape the surface...because of it's nature I will not even post it here. so you need to travel across the dark depths of the Interwebz to The Jungle Girl Feast...

    2013 might suck for everybody else...that's why SHFB is going to kick your ass again and again. Enjoy!






    PM me about Online One-on-One Guitar Lessons, via Skype and Paypal

    Hint for online the example in it's entirety, THEN talk about it for 5 minutes.

    The only good liberal is a...well, we're still trying to figure out the answer to that one.

    Uma is a motorik.

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    It's like a Sealed Knot reenactment of the back room of The Mayflower* on a Friday night.

    *The now defunct Dock Road boozer rather than the considerably more straight-laced boatful of pilgrims.

    Fast, clean and cheap.