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  • Netflix "House of Cards"

    How many of you suckas are peeping this? I've got one episode left .png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" />

    I've really enjoyed it. It's sad but it does seem to show how and why things happen the way they do in Washington. Plus Claire and Zoe are both hot. Zoe is a bit of a butter face but otherwise hot.


    up in this B.

    Originally Posted by CharvelFan, Stackabones, Mercer, jamesp, jelloman and Sad Navigator

    Sutto is the man!, I look forward to Sutto's future work., Sutto. . . you're awesome, Sutto is correct., I think Sutto's right again, Sutto speaks the truth...I'mma do something crazy and agree with Sutto.

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    I'm finding it highly addictive.


    • CGord
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      I'll probably check it out, but I haven't yet because I find Kevin Spacey overrated and not that interesting.

    • scolfax
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      Yeah, I'm totally digging it. Halfway through.

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    Can't get over that Kevin Spacey is married to Jenny from Forrest Gump in the show. I can't see her as anything else.


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      You should be instapermabanned for thinking of Princess Buttercup as "Jenny from Forrest Gump".


      • mattburnside
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        Flamencology wrote:
        You should be instapermabanned for thinking of Princess Buttercup as "Jenny from Forrest Gump".

        THANK YOU.

        Her career-making role was a timeless fable for all ages, and you dare to remember her from that slab of useless dreck? Hie thee hence.

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      Madame Fats and I have been pleasently surprised given how much we liked Ian Richardson's portrayal of a modern Richard III/MacBeth in the original.  My only quibble is that Claire seems too weak compared to Diane Fletcher's Elizabeth in the original.


      Behind the scenes: altough the opening credit montage is all DC, most of the show was shot in Baltimore.  Madame Fats has walked past "Zoe's" apartment several times.

      Originally Posted by requiem156

      I don't have to find something to dislike - it comes naturally.


      • AaronF
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        I've actually never seen the Princess Bride (gasp). But yeah, Robin Wright=Jenny. She plays cold, heartless bitch in both roles quite well.