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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon...


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  • I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon...

    Just finished this fine rock biography over the weekend and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys such things and I'm just a casual Zevon fan who only knows the hits and owns no Zevon recordings. However I'll be remedyhing that shortly.  Basically if Hunter S. Thompson had been a musician he would have been Warren Zevon. The only real difference as far as I can see was that Hunter could hold his booze and alcohol better.

    Warren was a musical genius who started as the musical director/piano player for the Everly Brothers which was a job he fell back on time and time again as he struggled to start his own career.  Jackson Browne was a huge proponent/mentor who had a great deal with helping Zevon launch and maintain his career such as it was.  Warren could chart out an entire symphony's every note and could transcribe music as fast as you and I can read or write.  Whenever he did the Letterman show he always had complete charts written out for every instrument's every note including ghost notes.  The string quartet he hired to record his piece Genius still name it as their favorite string arrangement of all time even today as it was so unconventional.

    He was forever chagrined that his biggest hit, Werewolves , was written mostly as a joke in about 15 minutes and would have never been recorded had his wife not bother to write down the lyrics cause she thought it had potential, but he did learn to never take yourself to seriously after WOL became the smash hit that it was.  And he was often a total ass to the people he loved the most...

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    I loved the part about him telling his son to ditch all his porn when he died. Got to meet him at Sam Ash not too long before he died. Neat guy.

    Lead me to your door. (yeah yeah yeah yeah)

    “Say, can I have some of your purple berries Yes, I’ve been eating them for six or seven weeks now Haven't got sick once Prob’ly keep us both alive”=CS&N and to a lesser extent Y.


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      I've loved Warren Zevon since I was in high school...still one of my three favorite songwriters of all time.

      I already know the extent of his personal problems / faults, but I'm still afraid to read the biography for fear that I'll think ill of the dead, or like him less. I don't want to think about him being an **************************** every time I listen to him, and even though he was cool with the whole truth being told in the bio, I still don't know if I want the specifics to haunt me.

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      Name Dropper.