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Do you like this guitar and is it worth $2700?


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  • Do you like this guitar and is it worth $2700?

    oh hell yes

    2000 Rickenbacker 360CW Carl Wilson Limited Edition, (front), (back), (sides), (headstock), (output/serial), (cert.), (case/acc.).   (Note: Anything that appears to be a flaw is just digital distortion).   This has been on hold for "Paul D" for the past 11 months but he must have forgotten to tell me he changed his mind...  This is the Limited Edition model, one of only 250 6-stings (500 including 12-strings) made.  The 360CW is a tribute to the 1965 Rick 360 Carl Wilson played in the 60's, and as a member of the Beach Boys, was one of the most visible players of Rickenbacker guitars in that era.   Carl's 360 played an extensive role in creating the Beach Boys early sound and this signature model displays classic features that stand out from other vintage reissue guitars.  It's not a true '65 reissue but a composite of vintage and modern Ric features.  The rounded body style was introduced on the Model 360 in mid-1964.  With its single bound back, the 360CW differs from the original '64's double bound.  In addition, the rounded body style has thicker sides and the greater wood mass which alters the tone slightly.  Most importantly, the 360CW has a thinner top than modern production 360's, giving it a lively, resonant sound with a loud acoustic voice.  Features include:  Styled after a '65 360FG; Carl repro signature on the upper pickguard; Checked body binding; 15" semi-hollow body with hand-selected figured maple and bound back; 3-piece maple/walnut neck with African rosewood fretboard and 21 frets; neck binding; Special thin top for enhanced acoustic tone; 21 fret neck with vintage full-width inlays; vintage style square heel; two scatter wound vintage-style Toaster Top pickups with 7.4K ohm coils; volume and tone for each pickup, blend control, 3-way pickup selector switch; 24 3/4" scale; 1 5/8 nut width; 1 1/2 body depth; dual mono parallel output, Ric/Schaller "Kluson" style tuners; vintage reissue silver Tolex guitar case.  Collector owned and presents itself in impeccable condition, with a nicely flamed top and sides, and the best figured back I've seen on one of these, with a beautiful bookmatched quilt.  Look around the web and you'll see 3 of these for $3250, which seems to be the popular price.  This one has nicer woods than others that are available, immaculate condition, an absolutely killer player, all for $2700. 

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    In the 80's I had a semi-hollow Ric that I now miss, but not $2700 worth of miss...

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      No and **************** no.

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    no and no

    I own 2 Ricks from 1965, I don't need a replica


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      rickenvox wrote:
      no and no

      I own 2 Ricks from 1965, I don't need a replica

      Your name now makes even more sense.