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What's the deal with those new EVH guitars?


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  • What's the deal with those new EVH guitars?

    $899.... is he making his own guitars now?


    The EVH Stripe Series guitar features a basswood Stratocaster

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    What about those Kramer EVHs from the 80s?  One popped on craigslist last year... I should have investigated it.  One day I will get a guitar with a floyd.


    • mosiddiqi
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      My experience has been that the only Floyd's worth having are the Original FR, Schaller, Gotoh or the original Ibanez Edge. All the cheaper ones that I've owned or tried, and I'm guessing that the ones on these EVH guitars fall into that category, are pretty ****************. Even if they are set up really well, and stay in tune decently, they sound awful to me.

    • StratoSlacker
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      i think the EVH brand is associated with Fender.


      these look pretty cool.  where are they made though?  at $900, i'm guessing korea or china or mexico?  that makes $900 too much.