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What songs would have stopped Hitler in his tracks?


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  • What songs would have stopped Hitler in his tracks?

    Post songs that would have given Hitler pause for thought with their brilliance and greatness. Ironically, I reckon Hitler would have slapped himself on the head and thought "What the **************** am I doing?" after hearing Ms Shapiro's seductively powerful voice ringing through the streets of Bethnal Green.



    "You ill mannered sack of ****************e."

    Kylie Minogue

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    Not La Marseillaise

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    Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

    -Coco Chanel


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      Not La Marseillaise


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    We're Not Gonna Take It

    Originally Posted by Prages

    I think everyone in the world has been lonely at some point in their life...and most of them could have probably written a more betterest song about it.

    Originally Posted by tiger roach

    Once my mom told me not to go outside because there was a bird fight going on. I thought, "Bird fight, WTF? She can't really think I would fall for that crap." So I went outside anyway and a bird pecked me on the head.

    Originally Posted by gennation

    Negatory, even dressed as a man I'm more of a man than you.