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How does Guitar Jam feel about The Kinks?


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  • How does Guitar Jam feel about The Kinks?


    Every time I que up a kinks playlist I wonder why I don't listen to them more often.  I should probably be more knowledgeable about them.  What records of theirs do I need to own?  Educate me.


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    Pre-"Lola" = great

    Post-"Lola" = OK, but not as good as the earlier tunes


    • micwalt
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      I enjoy several of their tunes, but I've never really followed them.

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    My favorite is Give the People What They Want.   They did a good deal of musical recycling but still a strong album IMO.

    The Homebrews!

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    • rickenvox
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      early but not too early for starters

      Village Green Preservation Society
      Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)
      Lola versus Powerman
      Muswell Hillbillies

      Lola is not the dividing line.

      Preservation Act 1 & 2 is good, almost prog rock.

      Give the People What They Want is way late material, punk era and they do a decent job of sounding relevant during that time (Van Halen was covering them at the time also). Around the Dial is a kick ass song off that album.

      Other than that I would go to their early sixities stuff after Muswell Hillbillies.

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    Better, not more recorded. Focus.
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    • Jimmy James
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      rsadasiv wrote:
      Better, not more recorded. Focus.

      You telling me to focus, actually helps me to focus.  Thanks.

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    Case in point: ChuckyB.
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      I will occasionally listen to a greatest hits package. My ears can't get around the crappy production and engineering (nevermind mono) of their 60s era stuff. I made better recordings as a teenager with a cassette deck.

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    Saw them live in 83 and wasn't prepared for the rock that ensued. Tremendous show.
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      Excellent counterpoint to the Beatles

      They have a sense of humour as well.

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    I left them behind long ago.
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