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  • JammaLammaDingDong I got it going on!!!

    Update again, keep missing dates...

    (Edited, I forgot a three dates...also notice three gigs, with three different groups in one day on Apr 13!)


    Over the next 2.5 months I'm working in 4 different bands, touring, and teaching upto 12 students a week now!

    IN OTHER NEWS...I'm retiring Electricism (my old/79 #1 Les Paul KM) for most of my playing now and not bringing it out much. I'll be performing on a white body w/ rosewood fretboard MIM Strat this time around...until I can find another Les Paul worthy of being buds with's going to take while to find that level of guitar...I thought a MIM Strat would be be a good choice because it plays good, it's cheap, and if something happens to it on the road it's no big this one plays like a dream!

    I know some of you are local, and some of you don't even know where the hell you here's the rundown, come on out and see Genn (everything is in GR MI unless noted...and yes, if your local you can watch our burlesque rehearsals through a store front window at our space):

    Mar 15 70 - RHS Footloose The Musical
    Mar 16 70 - RHS Footloose The Musical
    Mar 17 20 - My Thin Place Rehearsal
    Mar 17 6pm - SHFT rehearsal
    Mar 20 70 - RHS Footloose The Musical
    Mar 21 70 - RHS Footloose The Musical
    Mar 22 70 - RHS Footloose The Musical
    Mar 23 70 - RHS Footloose The Musical
    Mar 24 - 1pm SHFT rehearsal
    Mar 28 - My Thin Place - Fricano's Winter Series Grand Finale
    Mar 31 - 1pm SHFT rehearsal
    Apr 4 - 6pm SHFT Dress Rehearsal
    Apr 5 - SHFT Eronel Nightclub, Dubuque, IA
    Apr 6 - SHFT House of Rock, Eau Claire, WI
    Apr 12 - SHFT Bell's Kazoo
    Apr 13 - 1pm Hastings JazzFest w/ Grand River Big Band
    Apr 13 - 3pm Hastings JazzFest w/ My Thin Place
    Apr 13 - SHFT Pyramid Scheme
    Apr 18 Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha, NE
    Apr 19 Boonies, Sioux Falls, SD
    Apr 20 The Nestor Tavern, Fargo, ND (Special Guests: Bad Weather Burlesque!)
    Apr 21-23 hang out in Yellowstone Park
    Apr 24 Zebra Cocktail Lounge, Bozeman, MT
    Apr 25 Pink Garter Theater, Jackson, WY
    Apr 26 The Zodiac, Colorado Springs, CO
    Apr 27 The Gryphon Theater, Laramie, WY (with Laramie Burlesque!)
    May 9 My Thin Place @ Sandy Beach Holland MI
    May 11 My Thin Place @ Bakers Books
    May 17 SHFT Riviera Theater, Three Rivers, MI
    May 18 SHFT White Rabbit, Indianapolis, IN
    May 23 My Thin Place @ Sandy Beach Holland MI
    May 24 SHHFT Czars St Joseph, MI
    May 25 SHFT Blind Pig Ann Arbor, MI
    May 26 SHFT Music Festival Orleans MI

    PM me about Online One-on-One Guitar Lessons, via Skype and Paypal

    Hint for online the example in it's entirety, THEN talk about it for 5 minutes.

    The only good liberal is a...well, we're still trying to figure out the answer to that one.

    Uma is a motorik.

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