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The Open Jam and Guitar Jam shall merge.


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  • The Open Jam and Guitar Jam shall merge.

    It will be like The South Vs The North. You Yank or Fed??

    Lead me to your door. (yeah yeah yeah yeah)

    “Say, can I have some of your purple berries Yes, I’ve been eating them for six or seven weeks now Haven't got sick once Prob’ly keep us both alive”=CS&N and to a lesser extent Y.

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    I think a union of Open Jam and Guitar Jam will be more like if musak merged with a delinquent boys choir. Or if ocelots mated with pythons. Or if hot dogs showed up in munchy boxes.

    Bad **************** would happen.  


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      No Clay Sails. We shall live as one.

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    Butt ugly bloated self absorbed parents have made beautiful babies.


    I am hopeful.

    Originally Posted by GW348

    I just let the pee flow. The places I play, no one notices or have peed themselves too.

    RIP Wayne Murray

    **************** YOU CANCER!!