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Your Taxes - Have you filed them?


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  • Your Taxes - Have you filed them?

    I just got all of our info to our tax guy yesterday so they should be e-filed this week.


    I don't know why I always wait this long - we always get money back, so I should be hurrying to get them filed, but I never do. 


    How is the rest of GJ doing with its taxes?

    Edit:  Oh yeah, we can't do polls anymore.  ****************. 

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    My wife did 'em for us over a month ago. When I was single I always waited until the last minute, but she is SO on top of all financial stuff. (she works in accounting)

    It's even rubbed off on me a bit. I used to just budget roughly with paper and pencil, but now I have monthly spreadsheets with formulas and ****************.


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      Finished them last night because it took one of the companies I work for 2+ months to get me my 1099. And I know they're supposed to get them out in a month but if I want to get more work from them I can't whine too much.

      Getting a nice refund this year after paying out a ton the last few years because I made a lot a couple years ago and thus my quarterlies were really high. I also saved a few hundred using turbotax instead of a CPA because I realized they didn't do much for me personally as I don't do anything too complicated. 




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        I think I have all of my 1099's. I work for so many venues it's hard to know. At any rate, those I don't have are sol late it shouldn't be my problem.

        Last year of child tax credit.


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      Not yet, but this is something I can actually handle!


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        Nope, once again I'm going to miss my goal of finishing up my taxes before April.

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