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  • Sexiest album cover photo gallery...

    Yes it's an click through photo gallery of 40 of the sexiest album covers ever.  Of course it's full of hits and misses as usual.  So which do you think are sexiest and what album covers got overlooked that you think should be on here? I'm going with Roxy Music's Country Life as sexiest.  My dad used to have an album cover coffee table book that I used to love perusing and I remember staring at this album cover endlessly.  The Sugar Ray with Nicole Eggert on the cover is pretty hot too! Link to gallery...

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    Montrose-Jump on it

    Blind Faith

    RIP Ironmonger

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      Those are about 95 percent misses.

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      Where is Jimi's "Electric Ladyland"?

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    There is a lot of fail on that list. Some, like Sugar Ray, Pulp, Roxy Music, and Herb Alpert are pretty obvious, but others are just huh?

    That one Beyonce cover is pretty good. Never saw that one before.

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      Keep in mind everyone that they had to make this safe for a major metropolitan newspaper site. That's probably whey they showed the "safest" Ohio Players cover and only mentioned the others. But then again, they did show the Sugar Ray cover which is pretty darn sexy...