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On the subject of Joe Walsh.....


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  • On the subject of Joe Walsh.....

    I spent some time listening to all of Joe Walsh's stuff this week.  When you start looking at all the music he was involved in it starts to become incredible.  He was a part of a TON of great rock songs.  His guitar playing is spot on, too.  The definition of the right notes at the right time.  To me the most important thing with guitar playing is attitude and conviction.... His playing has it in spades.  His latest release,

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      cx04332 wrote:

      One of my favorites.

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      The guy has written some great stuff.

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      Black Blade.

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        i'd be willing to bet, with respect to Joe's involvement with projects that were awesome, that you're unaware of the best record that Dan Fogelberg ever put produced and played on by Joe.

        the vocals consisted of: Dan, Joe, Don Henley, Glen Frey, Randy Meisner, Graham Nash, Gerry Beckley (America).

        yea......the "vocal mix" was way past awesome.  the record was called Souvenirs and it was 1974.

        just thought you might like to know about this little gem.

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      I know Joe had his guitars worked on in Akron, Ohio's Lay's guitar shop by Virgil Lay back in the Kent State days.

      I met Virgil one day and he told me a story...

      Back in the days when The Who was smashing equipment...

      Virgil said that Joe came in with a guitar that he had banged up at a gig the night before and asked him if he could fix it.

      Virgil told me that he told Joe that he could fix it... to which Joe replied "well Virgil, don't fix it too good, because I'm probably gonna smash it up again tonight!"

      What a dude!

      I saw Joe in Cleveland years ago and he forgot the words to one of his songs in the middle of the song!

      The band stopped completely and the crowd went nuts.

      Joe finally walks up to his mike and calmly says:

      "...Just because I wrote the song doesn't mean I can remember the words"!

      Ya gotta love him!