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  • Record Store Day Haul

    Paid a vist to my local shop just because. Didn't score any special new releases I was interested in, but did pick up 3 good albums for cheap. Didn't make it past the "A" bins and I was happy.

     photo RecordStoreDay1_zps56cd4463.jpg

    Ole Hoyt is way underappreciated in my book. Great songwriter, good singer, pretty decent actor too btw. One of my college room mates had these 2 records back in the late 70s. We wore em out along with the Willie and Waylon, Commander Cody, and the like that we were into at the time.

    Some awesome musicians on these records

     photo RecordStoreDay2_zps1e95c8fd.jpg

    And Chester and Lester, well no explanation needed.


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    Nice! Guitar Monsters just came out on CD for the first time in a long time. It's not as good as the first album they did together (apparently Les was sick and a bit bitchy), but it's still great stuff. Chet never did a bad duet album. I still find it hard to believe that a record featuring two of the greatest guitar players of the 20th century was out of print for so long.

    CONTAINS TRACE AMOUNTS OF ROCK AND COUNTRY. South Bound LaneHC 3.0 -- Making you miss HC 2.0


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      Yea, the 1st one is great, got it back when it 1st came out and still have it!


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    That's good stuff.

    I wasn't able to go this year because my sister was getting married.