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What Was Your First Tube Amp


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  • What Was Your First Tube Amp

    I'm sure most of us had a SS amp for the first one. I had a few. My Rickebacker SS was pretty nice. My first tube amp was a 100W Carvin XV212 combo
    It was a great amp that I kept for a few years. The guy I sold it to loved it so much they he bought a second one for his son

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    A Fender DRRI.


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      Vibro Champ--still have it.
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        Peavey Classic 30
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          i guess, fender blues jr


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            My first amp was a Sysonics combo from JC Penny's.

            My first real tube amp was a Laney GH50L with matching 4x12 cab.
            I didn't know anything about tubes at the time.....basically sold it because it wasn't loud enough clean.....since I was using ****************ty gain pedals exclusively. I wish I still had ass amp.
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              Ampeg Reverborocket.


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                Fender Super 60(with red knobs) - sold it 3 years ago.
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                  My Marshall Superbass. Still have it.


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                    My custom AC30 Top Boost clone.... still using it right now.....
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                      1974 vox ac30 cc2 complete with cigarete burns and torn tweed.

                      i liked it , but at teh time it just wasnt loud enough for a 19 year old motorhead fan.


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                        man, lots of top quality firsts here


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                          Sort of - Crate TD50. Preamp tube only. SS power section.

                          Engl Savage 120 was first all-tube amp.
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                              A Fender PJ that I bought off Crusty...up til then I'd played through tubes but been too cheap to ever buy one.
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