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  • Larry Anderson : Sydfan

    Larry passed away tonight (8/08/2010) at 6:56 pm from complications from the stroke he suffered on Saturday.

    I will try to get you all details of any memorials for Larry .

    I've lost a very dear friend.


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    My deepest condolences for your loss, for his family and the members of at least 3 forums. Larry was truly a guy that touched all of our hearts with his humor and words. It is my envy that you got to know the man on a personal level and make music with him. He will be missed....

    RIP Larry....


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      As good as they get.

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        Sorry to hear this. I know he was right with God.
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        God, that's beautiful man! And they say romance is dead!


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          I'm so sorry to hear about this. Larry (sydfan) was one of the good ones. I liked him as a person, and I thought he was very talented as well.

          He will be missed.
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            I joked around with him a lot...he was a really good guy. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He certainly loved playing music and was a very talented musician
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            All my threads are 100% serious and life changing topics, I have no time for being funny.


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              Is this for real? This is terrible news!


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                Truly a sad day to see such a loved and loving individual move on.


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                  Shane, thank you for sharing this terrible news with us, and for being such a good friend to Larry for so long. Larry was the very best, a guy who could laugh at himself along with the rest of us, then say something comforting to someone else in need. He truly was a standup guy, loved his wife and God and felt everyone was his brother.

                  He will be missed.

                  Terry D.
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                    I can't believe it. RIP big guy. You were a very cool fella.

                    >deluxerecordings> .....coming soon

                    In the are some old songs

                    Oh...and you can watch this too if you like...


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                      RIP Larry


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                        I can't believe this. Godspeed Sydfan.
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                            that is terrible. he was so young I am so sorry for Larry's wife, son and Father

                            I have missed him posting here for a while now and I wrote to let him know. I will continue to miss him. He had such a big, tender heart toward others.

                            thank you for letting us know, Shane


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                              Friendly, talented, a real icon of OJ. He was a true heavyweight...

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