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  • Favorite local artist?

    Who's your favorite local, semi-local artist? Currently, it's Corey Smith. Not much about him outside the college towns of NC, SC, and GA. Actually, the guy's probably my favorite guitarist overall right now.

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      There's a few more famous artists that live in this immediate area, including Arlo Guthire, James Taylor, who live in the middle of this county, Albert Cummings lives in the next town over.

      My fav guy I can think of lives about an hour away

      Stephen Kellogg, and he's out of Amherst MA

      Also out of Northampton is a band called Amity Front, they are an old style rootys band, don't know if they are still together or not

      South of me is the Hunger Mountain Boys that do a real old timey thing.

      The County is rather large and stretches from the boarder of VT to connecticut
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        Kelsey Stonedtone.

        poast something else...


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          pablo picasso lives next door.hes not that famous yet,but probably will be when hes dead.
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            even heroes. those guys rock.
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