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  • C_Fosco !

    how are you? are you still in Spain? how is the new job going?

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    sorry I missed you ...


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      Hi Gracie!!

      I'm doing great! Job's quite busy so I hardly have time to check in!

      Apart from internet time, everything is fantastic! Moved into my new place with the gf so in between new job, moving (and couldn't take time off to do it) I'm still shattered!

      How's life with you?? Any news?
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        the internet can be a double-edge sword, but I am glad you still check in very glad to hear about the gf and new place - on top of finding a job. fun stuff

        there is not much news here. I am still in the country and sprucing up the old dump I will share some pics before it goes to normal life

        the sun is much lower and the leaves are now turning. I did take 10 days away for my annual camp rental. we had magnificent weather the entire time 80-100* and a nice wind. We only had rain one night.

        do you have any photos from where you are living? or is it simply Madrid? keep in touch