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Do you have air conditioning?


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  • Do you have air conditioning?

    I don't. Just a fan and a damp towel
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    in the bed room
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      I have to have ac. somedays it is the only happy moment in my life.
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        I never run ac. I think we ran it in our room one or two times last summer. Tonight, it's hot as hell. I pulled the small ac to throw in a window next to my Red Sox TV seat. Pretty cool right now


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            AC is my bestest friend today.
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            Auntie Em just piddled her knickers.

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            First off, I'm not Hoddy, and secondly as far as groveling is concerned, probably about as much as Johnny66 or Daddysguitar did when they were banned.


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              lol @ redsox TV seat
              poast something else...


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                lol @ redsox TV seat

                5-0 at Yankee Stadium. Good seat tonight


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                  Bruins won. 4-0
                  poast something else...


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                    unfortunately not in my car.


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                      yes.its called a the moment its closed because its the summer i open it.
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                        Yes. My outdoor thermometer hit 100 today in the shade right after lunch.
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                          I have it in my car but seldom use it as it makes the engine quaff inordinate amounts of fuel. Our climate is too cold and miserable for ac anyway.
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                            AC is not a luxury in florida... kind of like sunglasses arent a fashion accessory as much as they are a necessary item for survival... we would get by better without heat than without air conditioning...
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                              105 today in Austin.

                              Seems to me that central air is a big money waster. You really just need a little efficient window unit where you actually are.

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