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is TOJ down or is it just me?


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  • is TOJ down or is it just me?

    The Hangman's Got A Hardon

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    As long as you have a Merry Christmas who the **************** cares


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      it's down at my end too

      Hopefully it's not because North Korea just invaded Seoul :scared:


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        The Hangman's Got A Hardon


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          Oh I'm down, alright.
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            poast something else...


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              I wasn't here much yesterday.

              This site ain't the only one, TOJ gave me some issues yesterday, but I wasn't there much either.

              Me and the wife worked on some last minute Christmas prep stuff. Got 8 pound of prime rib that I ordered a few weeks ago. All Christmas gifts are purchased, I even did a few gift cards, which included my trash pick up guy Kenny and the female post woman we have, and dam if I can remember her name.

              Any way her gift card is one for Adam and Eve, or Eve and Eve in her case

              Seriously both nice folks.

              The guy that owns the Trash biz is a friend of mine and he's selling out, so po' Kenny might be out of work in Jan. I hope the new trash owner picks him up. Physically Kenny looks like a train wreck and he's probably not that old either.I hope he doesn't try to breed, cause he's gonna make fugly looking babies if he ever does. Nice guy though. Took me 2 years to get him to say a few syllables too, and he actually talks in complete sentences too.Damn who would have thunk that his public education would have paid off like this.
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